Self Guided trips are available for those interested in a calmer recreational paddle.

Canoes are available for $50 each.

Recreational Kayaks are available for $35 each.

Tube Tracker Inflatables can be rented for use within the  Marge Cline Whitewater course for $15 each. Ages 10 and up.

Rental Prices are per day. 

    We are not able to guarantee a shuttle ride back for paddlers taking the downstream trips yet. When we do implement shuttle service again it will be as follows. 

    Groups that have more than one vehicle are asked to set their own shuttle. Single vehicle groups can have only drivers picked up at Silver Springs state park. Pick up will be at the trailer parking area by the boat ramp to the river shortly after 9:00 am. Return trips will be made to accommodate those with reservations for the first flight.

First flight begins launching at 10:00 am. These boats must be in at Silver Springs by 1:00 pm

Second flight Shuttle trips begin shortly after 1:00pm. launch will be at 2:00pm. Participants must be at the take out by 5:00pm

Call (630) 479-8074 for availability and reservations.